Course Description

Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic cultures in East Africa. Desiccation of Rock Art, styles, classification of rock art, Prehistoric Sahara, Sahara figures. Paleolithic man, Middle Stone age man, New Stone age man. Rock paintings and its distribution The study of prehistoric man in East Africa, especially the Stone Age Era (Nut Cracker etc.) A study of their tools and tool- making techniques and their way of life.

Prerequisite: None

Course Objective/Aims

This course is geared towards shaping students into specialists in the History of art.Opprtunities of becoming Art Gallery and Museum curators, art critics and writers’, art history teachers are high. The objectives are:

  • To give students a broader cultural social context of man and his art in the pre-historic world.
  • To introduce students to the theories of mans origin. (Development, growth and characteristics of man) in relation to the social, political religious and economic environment at the time
  • To develop the students verbal, intellectual and imaginative skills and powers.
  • To develop the students written and oral linguistics skills and the ability to present a verbal or written argument/debate.
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