Course Description

A study of the history, principles and practices of cultural and world ceramics as an art/crafts. Introduction to materials, techniques, methods and principles of hand building techniques and methods in ceramics as related to basic design in 2D or 3D drawing. Experiences in processes of forming decorating, glazing and firing pottery.

Course Objectives / Aims

  • To introduce to understanding of generic processes of ceramic hand making method across a breadth of materials and appropriate methods of production.
  • To begin to introduce within student a clear understanding of fundamental process of design in ceramics as course of study.
  • To introduce the discipline of enquiry and the ability to appraise personal values to give students an individual and sound basis in ceramic product.
  • To establish visual and contextual awareness and appreciation of issues pertinent to the ceramic practice and cultural industries generally.
  • To develop interests in ceramics based on the choice for their themes for exploration. Most of the tasks to be executed by the students will be project oriented specifically intended to provide students with:
  • Ceramic concepts based on problem solving and studio/industrial investigation
  • Experience on use of studio resources (equipment, material and firing)
  • Experience on project planning, management, coordination and execution.
  • Further experience in ceramic mass production and individual aesthetic ceramic works.
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