Course Description

Historical development and major uses of photography for art, and design communication and problem solving. Initiate a study of black and white photography through use of photographic studio and darkrooms. Development of seeing through the operations of the camera and exploration of still photography as a means of communication and expressive statement. Basic techniques and processes of developing, printing, enlarging and principles of design in photographic art in fashion design expressions.

Course Objectives/Aims

  • This course is intended to introduce students to the fundamental techniques, materials, processes and theories required for making black and white photographic images
  • The course is designed for a beginning photographer to explore the role of photography in visual arts by tracing its progress rights from invention in 1830’s until today.
  • The aim for the class is to allow students focus on the role of photography in shaping the western visual culture and following its development as both an art form and practical tool for documentation
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