Course Description

This semester concludes training of the student in basic craft-jewelry design and production techniques that are intended for the student to function effectively within the local Ugandan market environment. The program ends with a course that will give the student proficiency in the use of organic materials, which are readily available for jewelry making in Uganda. With regards to the use of organic materials a lot of emphasis will be placed on indigenous body adornment aesthetics, customs, methods and materials in Africa as a source of inspiration and role model. The course will also explore and encourage the student to investigate demand for jewelry in the local market environment and to learn to design and produce for it. This will be achieved through classroom exercises and project assignments that the student will do during the course of the semester.

Course objectives

The training seeks to enable the graduate from this course regime to become a self-sustaining craft jeweler in Uganda using locally available materials. The course also seeks to orient the student to indigenous African cultures especially in Uganda and locally available materials and their potential as cheap and readily accessible resources that can be used alternately, especially to replace expensive imports. The student will also explore the aesthetic possibilities of these materials as an extension and development of indigenous body adornment methods, materials and techniques. Up to this point the student has been using Western techniques, methods, materials and equipment. This last coursework will seek to reorient the student back into the local Ugandan cultural environment and challenge the student to produce locally using local resources while thinking globally, considering his competitive place among word markets and cultures.

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