Duration: 4 years
The BSc.Civil Engineering Degree programme aims at producing professionals who will address the most basic needs of society that is, conceive, plan, design, construct and maintain the physical systems that sustain human enterprise and meet national development objectives.

Educational Objectives
The educational objectives of this programme are to:

  1. Train and produce graduates who are well grounded with skills and knowledge of the in Civil Engineering discipline.
  2. Train students in aspects of research and development.
  3. Instil entrepreneurship skills in students so as to ensure competitiveness.
  4. Employ practical thinking with commitment to economic, innovative and optimum use of resources.
  5. Train engineers who are aware of the latest global challenges and how to handle them.
  6. Promote professionalism, work ethics and social values.
  7. Have a good understanding of the technical vocational foundation of Civil Engineering to facilitate self-learning and professional development.
  8. Prepare graduates who are capable of entering and succeeding in an advanced degree program in a field such as engineering, science, or business.

Makerere University regulations pertaining to application, registration, examinations and awards shall apply.

Studies and examinations for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering shall be governed by the general regulations and statutes of Makerere University and in addition by the regulations of the Faculty of Technology:

Admission to first year
Admission into the first year is through any of the three avenues, the Direct Entry Scheme, the Mature Age Scheme and the Diploma Holders Scheme.

The Direct Entry Scheme
An applicant must have obtained at least two advanced level passes, one in Mathematics and one in Physics, at the same sitting of the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent. For purposes of computing entry points, the advanced level subjects shall carry the following weights:

  • Weight 3 – Mathematics, Physics – as Essential subjects
  • Weight 2 – Chemistry, Economics, Technical Drawing, Applied Mathematics or Pure
  • Mathematics- as Relevant subjects
  • Weight 1 – General Paper – as Desirable subject
  • Weight 0.5 – Any other subject.- as Other subjects

The Mature Age Entry Scheme
Admission may also be via the Mature Age Entry Scheme, after the passing of two special mature age University Examinations, one in aptitude and the other in specialised knowledge.

Diploma Holders Entry Scheme
Holders of the Uganda National Examinations Board Ordinary Technical Diploma or its equivalent can be admitted to the programme. Applicants should have obtained a Credit Class diploma with at least a Credit Pass in Mathematics.

You may download a detailed copy of the course outline below

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Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering DOC PDF PS

Curriculum Summary

Year: 1
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Engineering Drawing CIV1101 3
Introduction to Civil Engineering CIV1102 3
Engineering Mathematics I EMT1101 4
Information and Communication Technology I EMT1104 4
Communication Skills for Technology TEC1101 3
Statics and Dynamics for Civil Engineers CIV1103 3

Year: 1
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Strength of Materials CIV1201 4
Fluid Mechanics CIV1202 3
Electrical Engineering CIV1203 3
Engineering Mathematics II EMT1201 4
Information and Communication Technology II EMT1202 4
Workshop Practice TEC1301 2

Year: 2
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Theory of Structures I CIV2101 3
Engineering Geology CIV2102 3
Engineering Surveying I CIV2103 4
Hydraulics CIV2104 4
Thermodynamics for Civil engineers (elective) CIV2105 2
Engineering Mathematics III EMT2101 4
Sociology for Technology TEC2101 2

Year: 2
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Soil Mechanics CIV2201 4
Theory of Structures II CIV2202 3
Civil Engineering Materials CIV2203 4
Engineering Surveying II CIV2204 4
Economics for Civil Engineering (elective) CIV2205 3
Engineering Mathematics IV EMT2201 3

Year: 2
Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial Training I CIV2301 2

Year: 3
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Organisational Theory for Engineering CIV3101 3
Design of Structures I (Concrete) CIV3102 4
Highway Engineering CIV3103 4
Hydrology I CIV3104 4
Construction Technology CIV3105 3
Environmental Chemistry (elective) CIV3106 3
Principles of Quantity surveying (elective) CIV3107 3

Year: 3
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Foundation Engineering CIV3201 4
Group Design Project CIV3202 4
Design of Structures II (Steel) CIV3203 4
Water Resources Engineering I CIV3204 4
Public Health Engineering I CIV3205 4

Year: 3
Semester: Recess

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Industrial Training II CIV3301 2

Year: 4
Semester: 1

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Civil Engineering Project I CIV4100 2
Civil Engineering Management CIV4101 3
Civil Engineering Infrastructure Maintenance CIV4102 3
Traffic and Transportation Engineering CIV4103 3
Public Health Engineering II CIV4104 4
Design of Structures III (Timber and Masonry) (elective) CIV4105 3
Hydrology II (elective) CIV4106 3

Year: 4
Semester: 2

Course Name Course Code Credit Units
Civil Engineering Project II CIV4200 4
Civil Engineering Law CIV4201 4
Water Resources Engineering II (elective) CIV4202 3
Civil Engineering Economy (elective) CIV4203 3
Civil Engineering Environmental Quality Management (elective) CIV4204 3
Introductory Dynamics of Structures (elective) CIV4206 3
Human Resources Management and Entrepreneurship (elective) CIV4209 3
Attachment Name Attachment Type
EMT2201 Engineering Mathematics IV DOC PDF PS

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