Course Description

This course deals with basic geological materials and earth processes and how they influence mechanical behaviour and capacity of engineering materials, processes and structures. The linkage to Rock Mechanics and Hydrogeology are emphasized. It is divided into physical and historical Geology.

Course Objectives

  • Introduces students to assessment of the influence of geological factors on the conception, location, planning, feasibility, design, construction, cost, safety and management of Civil Engineering works.
  • Creates an understanding of how to choose appropriate geological materials that can be used for specific Civil Engineering projects.
  • Evaluate the effects of geological processes on Civil Engineering activities and structures.
  • Exposes students on how to carry out geotechnical site investigations for Civil Engineering projects.
  • Enables students to utilize knowledge about the earth structure, surface processes, sedimentology, geormorphology, sedimentation and stratigraphy.
  • Demonstrates to students the linkage of geology to rock mechanics and hydrogeology


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