Circuits and signals are foundational material for computer engineering. These areas provide  the  basic  knowledge  for  the  design  of  the  circuits  used  to  implement computers. Knowledge of the electrical circuits used to implement digital circuits and computers is crucial to the computer engineer.


The course aims to provide the student with:

  • An introduction of circuit analysis concepts and theorems used in DC and AC analysis,  alongside  laboratory  work  in  order  to  enable  one  appreciate  the practicality of theoretical aspects.
  • Skills  for  the  analysis  of  electrical  circuits  of  continuous  current.  Different methods and techniques for the analysis and simplification of electric circuits are studied in detail, making the student able to identify the most adequate technique in each case. Circuits are analyzed and simulated using PSPICE and then constructed in laboratory to compare calculated and measured results.
  • The  ability  to  formulate  and  solve  the  differential  equations  describing  time behavior of circuits containing energy storage elements.
  • The  capability  to  design  and  construct  circuits,  take measurements  of circuit behavior and performance, compare with predicted circuit models and explain discrepancies.
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