With the multiplication of tasks that are performed on computers and the advent of globalization of computing  in general, the topic of computer security becomes more and more important. We see in this course what is computer security, especially as it relates  to  the  protection  of  information  stored  on  the  computers  and  exchanged between   computers   The  Computer   Engineering   student   will  be  equipped   with knowledge  and  skills  in  advanced  cryptography,  access  control,  distributed authentication, TCP/IP security, firewalls, IPSec, Virtual Private Networks, intrusion detection systems, and advanced topics such as wireless security, identity management.


  • To familiarize the student with the concept of system security analysis
  • To introduce access control methods and various security models
  • To  equip  the  student  with  skills  of  identification  and  authentication  in  the security domain
  • To  introduce  the various  security concerns  associated  with the most  popular operating systems – UNIX and Windows
  • To introduce the concept of communication security
  • To equip the student with various cryptography systems
  • To introduce the student to the security concerns applicable to the internet
  • To introduce the student to the various e-commerce security protocols
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