Bachelor of Science in Land Economics


Rationale/Course Description   Maintenance of building structures is important to keep them in proper functional state. The course covers planning and management of maintenance works which is important if maintenance services are to be effective and less costly. Objectives/Aims To introduce the student to the theory of maintenance management To provide maintenance planning skills in...
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Rationale/Course Description   There are different materials used in construction. These materials have different properties that influence their application. The materials also respond differently when subjected to different conditions. The course provides knowledge of all these aspects which is important for all construction professionals. Objectives/Aims To introduce the student to the basic properties of construction...
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Rationale/Course Description This course introduces students to basic information and communication technologies as they generally relate to disciplines in the built environment. Objectives/Aims To acquaint the student with the need to select appropriate ICT systems for the various tasks To facilitate the student to deal with issues of sustainability of ICT systems in a dynamic...
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