Allan Mazimwe


Name: Dr. Allan Mazimwe Designation: Assistant Lecturer Department: Department of Geomatics & Land Management Research Interests: Geoinformation Management, Land Management and Land cover/Land use applications of Remote sensingCourses Taught: GLM 7105: Web mapping and Spatial data infrastructures,GLM7103: GIS Applications Programming,GLM7201: Project Management,GLM 7207: GIS applications for Hazard, Vulnerability and Risk Assessment,LSG3105 Geospatial data analysisE-mail:
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Title: Modeling Topographic Effects in Satellite Imagery Authors: A. Mazimwe, A. Gidudu Keywords: Azimuth Angle, Zenith Angle, Slope, Aspect, Insolation Intensity, Classification Accuracy Issue Date: August 2011 Abstract: The ability to extract accurate land cover information from satellite imagery depends on the quality of satellite data. Thus a study was made to assess the impact...
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