Title: Effects of the Sintering Process on Properties of Triaxial Electrical Porcelain from Ugandan Ceramic Minerals Authors: Peter W. Olupot, Stefan Jonsson, and Joseph K. Byaruhanga Keywords: Dwell time, Microstructure, Porcelain, Strength Issue Date: September 2013 Abstract: Porcelain specimens were fired at 6°C/min to 1250°C (dwell time 0.5-3h) and cooled at 6°C/min to room temperature. Additionally, three different slower...
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Course Description This course deals with basic mechanics of materials and is crucial in understanding mechanical behaviour and capacity of engineering materials. Objectives To enable students evaluate behaviour of materials subjected to normal, shear, twisting and bending loads Expose students to derivation of stress transformation formulas and thus determine the principle stresses on any loaded...
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