Course description

This course introduces students to the African settings and how these have influenced the art of the region. It goes ahead to Survey Africa’s tribal arts in general and makes specific references to East Africa as the place of origin of the students. The approach to the course is more of historical and uses the contextual art criticism to study styles, iconography, and

subject matter in relation to the ways of life of the people of the region. In East Africa, Emphasis is laid on trends in the tribal arts before, during and after colonialism.


  • To widen and deepen the learners’ knowledge of the historical trends and criticism of the art and crafts of Africa from the pre-colonial period up the present.
  • To let learners develop their intellectual capacity by exposing them to the competences of research and writing in the area of art history.
  • To expose learners to contemporary and community art as a means of influencing their sensitivity to the artistic needs of their immediate society and the world at large.
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