Course Description

Study the function of Drawing in Art and Design concept motivated by the study of various subject matter using various media through student general projects.

Prerequisite: IFA 1112

Course Objectives

  • To build the students’ confidence and independence in terms of planning, ideas and self motivation.
  • To expose students to a variety of inspirational themes away from the studio i.e. animal anatomy, motion pictures/themes.
  • To enable students integrate talent with modern technology in order to cope with the ever changing technological world. The course will constitute the following;
  • Skills shall be explored in studio arranged life drawing i.e. Effect of form on drapery, Motion or action sketches, Anatomical differences between male and female sexes Animal anatomy as compared with human anatomy, The age factor in drawing – in different media.
  • Concept development – Identification of themes for projects obtained from published or non- published oral traditions and environmental concerns, social, political issues based on mass media.
  • Field sketching and visual interpretations of written text.
  • Internalization and execution of concept into a well studied project.
  • Introduction to digital drawing.
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