February 9, 2012


Rationale This is a continuation of CMP1101: Electronics I. Objectives The course aims to provide the student with: An understanding of how complex devices such as field-effect transistors are modelled and how the models are used in the design and analysis of useful circuits. The capability to design and construct circuits, take measurements of circuit...
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Brief Course Description The course provides a thorough understanding of the principles of well‐structured and efficient programming in C/C++ fostering a productive and effective programming methodology appropriate for  modern  day  engineering  disciplines  which  require  computer  programming  to  carry  out simulation, modeling, data gathering and analysis. Course Objectives By the end of the course students should be...
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Brief Course Description The purpose of the course is to help students to understand the basics of computer software and hardware systems. In addition the course gives basics of programming languages and enables the students to use the applications software. To introduce the use of software applications in problems solving and information storage and retrieval...
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