Construction Economics & Management deals with facets of the built environment, primarily economic considerations, management principles, applicable law and the governing science and technology. The department is geared towards capacity building in the areas of planning, designing, construction and management of all types of residential, commercial and industrial developments.

The Construction Economics & Management department at the Faculty of Technology started in 2004 with 67 students. Currently, the student population stands at about 600 students, making the department undoubtedly one of the fastest growing at the faculty.

This department is vindicated by the fact that whereas specialists such as architects and engineers are required in any construction project, eventually the successful physical execution depends on the expertise of those with the appropriate management skills, a command of cost planning and cost management techniques, and a thorough understanding of the administrative and legal aspects of building developments. This is what forms the core of Construction Economics and Management.

It is expected that a graduate who has passed through this department will:

  1. Have an excellent understanding of the principles of management, economics, construction technology, and environmental engineering.
  2. Be proficient communicators with well-developed planning and problem-solving skills, able to work positively in a team situation.
  3. Be able to analyze the kinds of problems that will confront senior managers, policy advisers and decision-makers in any branch of the construction industry and come up with the appropriate remedies.

Programmes offered at the Department

Undergraduate ProgrammesGraduate Programmes
Bachelor of Science in Construction ManagementPostgraduate Diploma in Construction & Project Management
Bachelor of Science in Land EconomicsMaster of Science in Construction Management
Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying 
Diploma in Construction Project Management 

Department Staff

Dr. Nathan KibwamiAg. Chair, Department of Construction Economics & Management
Dr. Dans NaturindaLecturer
Dr. Ekyalimpa RonaldLecturer
Ssali FrancisAssistant Lecturer
Marion WanderaAssistant Lecturer
Andrew Nyumba Assistant Lecturer
Cynthia AlowoAssistant Lecturer
Waliya GwokyalyaAssistant Lecturer
Namakula Barbra Assistant Lecturer
Birungi Grace RachealAssistant Lecturer
Chemonges Sarah Assistant Lecturer
Jamal Bachou Assistant Lecturer
Wesonga Racheal Assistant Lecturer
Kego Kris Assistant Lecturer
Lubwama IbrahimAssistant Lecturer
Ashabahebwa BrianAssistant Lecturer
Dr. Manga Musa Lecturer
Namakula Hidaya Assistant Lecturer
Mwanje Nassir Assistant Lecturer
Nakintu Sylvia Assistant Lecturer
Nakiwala Margaret Assistant Lecturer
Balunywa Sophie Assistant Lecturer
Odongkara Billy BrianAssistant Lecturer
Hakiri Julian Assistant Lecturer
Semanda JuliusAssistant Lecturer
Katongole George Assistant Lecturer
Pamela O Achieng Assistant Lecturer
Francis Mujjumba Assistant Lecturer