MAF 7128 Thesis Writing I

Course Description

The course aims at assisting the learner develop his/her proposal for the Thesis with the assistance of the chosen supervisor(s). The quality of this proposal is ensured by subjecting it to regular monitoring, conducted by the graduate committee, until its final completion.

The learner refers to the selected topic and with the assistance of the chosen supervisor(s) embarks on the development of the research proposal. Normal research proposal writing progress is monitored by presentation of drafts to the graduate committee regularly. Corrections and completion of the research proposal that includes well prepared data collection instruments will finally be approved for field work.

Course Objectives:

  • To facilitate the learner’s research proposal writing process.
  • To ensure quality control of the learner’s research proposal through regular monitoring by        the graduate committee.
  • To approve the learner’s final research proposal for field work. 
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