Solid waste


Title: Mapping out the solid waste generation and collection models: The case of Kampala City Authors: Joel R. Kinobe, Charles B. Niwagaba, Girma Gebresenbet, Allan J. Komakech & Björn Vinnerås Keywords: Solid Waste, Waste Collection, GIS Mapping, Developing Countries, Kampala City Issue Date: 21 Jan 2015 Abstract: This paper presents a mapping of the waste...
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Title: Sustainable sanitation technology options for urban slums Authors: A.Y. Katukiza, M. Ronteltap, C.B. Niwagaba, J.W.A. Foppen, F. Kansiime, P.N.L. Lens Keywords: Excreta, Grey water, Sanitation, Slums, Solid waste, Technology Issue Date: 2012 Abstract: Poor sanitation in urban slums results in increased prevalence of diseases and pollution of the environment. Excreta, grey water and solid...
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