Abstract Many researchers have of recent been concerned about low and in some cases declining labour productivity in the construction industry. Some have gone to question whether labour is efficiently utilized. This paper reports on a survey carried out on building craftsmen to find out how efficiently they utilize the time available to them for...
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Abstract The cost of labour in the building industry is in the region of 25 – 40 % of the cost of building. Hence the cost of labour is quite high and yet it is the main cause of cost variability in construction. The time used by workers on daily basis on productive work averages...
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Title: AN ALTERNATIVE APPROACH TO THE PROVISION AND MAINTENANCE OF NEIGHBOURHOOD ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE IN KAMPALA CITY.   Authors: Ian Senkatuka, Barnabas Nawangwe, Orjan Svane Keywords: Road Maintenance, Construction, Sustainable Development Issue Date: Abstract: This study looks at urban physical infrastructure service delivery in developing countries that are urbanizing rapidly. It highlights the fact that physical infrastructure providers...
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